Development History

 Year2002: Nanyang Xinxing Steel Structure Co.,Ltd. established

Enterprise qualification:
       "Grade I-level manufacturing qualification",
       "Grade II construction qualification" qualifications

Assets: Total assets,more than 200 million yuan;Registered capital of 20.1 million yuan

Staff Size: Employees- more than 300 people, including 56 management staff

Industrial base:  Carriage workshop, Dan water workshop .Xixia County,Henan Province,china

Location Advantages: Adjacent to high-speed, Railway,and with 209,311,312 State Road cross.

  Headquarters under the jurisdiction: the Department of Operations, Market Information Department, Engineering Department, QC, materials supply, finance, design, office, and four subsidiaries: steel manufacturing company, industry and trade companies, engineering companies and Qinghai Steel the company.

Production Capacity(Annual Production):
4million square meters large EPS composite panels, rock wool composite panels;   
10million square meters multi-type  steel tile and antique glazed tile;
2million square meters automated floor production line,series C-Purlin, Z-Purl in production lines and various equipment s for galvanizing,spraying,to meet the customization of clients.

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