Whether Steel structure house can keep warm ?

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In cold climates we want stay inside  to keep us warm.If you don't have good/enough insulation then you won't be able to keep your steel structure home warm regardless of how much money you are spending on heating bills.

This section is going to focus on how to design your steel house to be suitable for cold climates.Besides roofs, windows cause your home to lose a lot of heat.When building a steel structure house in a cold climate ,the last key thing you need to be aware of is window sizes and placement.If windows loose too much heat, you don't want to design a container house with large floor to ceiling glass panes in a cold climate. This would cause you to lose a significant amount of heat through the window and it would be difficult to heat your home up.

We have three main choices for your containers: the EPS,Rock wool, PU panel.They have good thermal isolation.When you're living in a cold climate you want high rated insulation to stop warm air escape from the container house.The material we manufacture will meet your needs.


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