Steel building structures

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Nanyang Xinxing Steel Structure Co., Ltd utilizes its extensive experience to manufacture and supply an anti-corrosive range of Steel Building Structures in order to provide internal support to steel structure building.

 we make use of premium quality steel to manufacture durable collection of Steel Building Structures for a number of applications such as storage, living accommodation or as a work spaces. All of our products are featured with good quality, better performance, efficiency and long functional life with a maximum system guarantee. In addition, we make use of angle bars, pipes and cladding systems to provide you a rigid yet rugged structure.

We design them in a customized manner to fulfill your desired need and getting utmost client satisfaction. Whether, it is big or small project, we offer our structures with various options for clients on design, specifications and sizes. You can find steel structure in a variety of designs, sizes, patterns and space utilization from Xinxing at pocket friendly prices.

We handle Steel structure workshop,warehouse,Garage,hangar,residential project etc.and had exported to more than 25 countries,and get good reputation in overseas market.


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